Bai Pho facials are based on Organic Nation pure performance facial care products..

It also means the products we use are organically natural, safe & very effective.

What Happens During a Bai Pho Signature Facial?

Step 1 - Cleansing

Step 2 - Exfoliating

Step 3 - Eyes & Lips

Step 4 - OrganicNation Mask

Step 5 - Head Massage

Step 6 - Mask Removal

Step 7 - Face Cream

Step 8 - Eye Cream

Step 9 - Soft Lips

Step 10 - Refreshing Mist.

 What is the objective of a Bai Pho Signature Facial?

1. To improve skin tone, softness and feel.

2. Nourishment to revitalize and strengthen skin support systems.

3. To help redress skin deterioration from UV rays.

4. To work towards building healthy new cells

5. To rehydrate at a cellular level thus minimizing fine lines.