Try these 5 Things to do for winter..



We don’t stop for winter these days. We are all as busy as ever. And keeping warm takes up more of our energy. Looking after yourself and keeping a way from colds and flu’s is vital. Consistent, healthy habits of self maintenance and illness prevention are one of the keys to a balanced lifestyle.

Here’s our simple and easy things to do that may help you.

1.  Drink Water – being properly hydrated is one of the best ways of boosting your energy and focus.

2. Enjoy positive mindfulness – find someone or something to appreciate. Be grateful for the little goodness that comes your way. Choose to smile when it rains.

3.  Eat healthy – those morning scones taste great but replace them with good food. Try some unprocessed foods and fruits as a good alternative.

4Exercise daily –  the couch and TV beckons you. Go on, head out for a 15 minute walk or grab a skipping rope or hoola hoop and have some fun too.

5.  Get a massage –  Last but not least, there is nothing better to reinvigorate and revitalise the mind, body and soul than a great remedial therapeutic massage


And if that doesn’t work, then go on, book yourself a well deserved holiday somewhere warm, peaceful and happy.


Smiles for everyone


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